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Small-small [Ńtàkị́rị́]

A brief one for a week of fighting the flu. A bit more on the late poet Laurie James, and some music recommendations.
Small-small [Ńtàkị́rị́]
Small-small banana
Knowledge of self is like life after death
With that, you never worry about your last breath

—Talib Kweli [Black Star] - K.O.S. (Determination)

I reckon — when I count it all —
First — Poets — Then the Sun —
Then Summer — Then the Heaven of God —
And then — the List is done

—Emily Dickinson

I've been fighting what feels like a bit of flu this week, and haven't really the energy for a full post, but I had a few things to note, so what came to my mind is one of my wife's favorite Nigerianisms. No big ting dis time oh! Na just small-small! Pretty straightforward translation from ńtàkị́rị́ in Igbo, which is a further diminutive of ńtà—small; meager.

I do have a video of the extended mix from the  last post. A few original tracks & demos, and of course poetry—my own, some from Seamus Heaney, Dylan Thomas & Laurie James, whom I mentioned in that post.

Laurie was a friend of mine whom I'd often meet when I went to the western slope of Colorado for poetry events, especially in her home Salida. She died this September, and I went briefly to Salida a couple of weeks ago for a memorial where I ran into many other friends on the poetry scene. One of them, Danny Rosen, has already produced a posthumous collection of her work through his Lithic Press. I don't actually find it in their catalog, but here's a photo of the front cover.

First Thought Last Thought by Laurie James, Lithic Press 2022
I often feel like an eagle
but I am really a sparrow.
These mornings of sun
drip bright wonder
then at night, I hang with spiders
on their chaotic webs.

Maybe I am just an old crow
who wants to flap around the field
or that old song repeating in my head.
Really, I am only the grass
that keeps waving goodbye.

Perhaps I am the song,
but I want to be the wind.

—laurie James - from Wednesday Woe, First Thought Last Thought

Alright; that will do [Ńgwá; Ozùgó]

Just a couple of quick song recommendations, this time. I happened to watch an odd little documentary on Afrofuturism, and in it heard music by MovaKween, which immediately tripped my fly sensors. Here's a track from earlier this year.

MovaKween - Deity

Also, digging this jam and video from Marlowe, their track My People.

Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) - My People

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